about us

Approximately 70 planners from Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover are organized in the Study Group of Architects and Planners.

In order to keep informed about recentprofessional developments, the team organizes study tours every year. Actual destinations have been Moscow/Leningrad, Barcelona, Glasgow, Stockholm, Antwerp / Gent, Brussels, London, Graz, Madrid, Zurich / Basel, Lyon, Helsinki, Dublin, Amsterdam / Rotterdam, Lisboa, Torino / Milan, Bilbao, Wroclaw/Cracow, Munic, Manchester / Liverpool, Copenhagen, Bordeaux.

Our team members arrange the program of the study tours. They get in touch with colleagues in the cities of our visit and organize the tours. The professional informations are provided by the colleagues on location. For planning the study tour, team members prepare a detailed reader containing informations about the country, its national and administrative structure, its culture, its architectural and historic development, and particular, remarkable projects.

The study tours serve to:
   -expand the professional knowledge of the participants
   -increase the repertoire of blueprints through the experience of realized examples
   -compare german planning practice with foreign examples
   -learn from the experiences of other countries

The study tours participants work in administrations, institutions, and independent companies. The exchange of experiences between these groups is encouraged by the common study tours. The exchange is intensified by professionals with different education backgrounds such as architects, urban developers, regional planners, landscape architects, traffic planners and other civil engineers.